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Yet another, 🏆NEXT GEN TECH is HERE: Futuristic "ACCESOR-TRONICS" 🏆!!

You're the Fashion Star - and "Lit" too, literally!
This is not your average backpack! It is the representation of your attitude and style. Light up the screen when you want to stand out, because you define your fashion!

What is it?

It's a backpack. It's an LED lighted creative canvas that lets you create art. It is a gaming system with 17 classic mini games for you to have fun with, and so much more! All rolled into one ah-maz-ing and functional tech gadget! IT IS A GIFT THAT CANT BE BEAT!


Explore Your Creativity

Create pixel art or display a message, your backpack is the signboard. You won't run out of ideas, because you're a part of the world's largest online pixel art community. Download the free app on iOS & Android device, then share your creations 😎and interact with others.

A Helpful & Functional Backpack - Facts!

This backpack is more versatile than you think. It offers many useful functions including SNS notification (stands for Simple Notification Service), Alarm clock, Time, and Temperature - right on your backpack! Crazy fun, right?!!

Your Riding, Hiking, and Camping Partner

Travel safe with this illuminated backpack and its bike-mount control. Signal ahead with your next move, so other drivers will spot you easily on the road.  Create your sign, and wear while hiking or camping for visibility in the woods or at night!

Let's Play Some Games, OK?!

When you're bored, let's kill some time with the 17 classic mini games on your backpack: Tetris, Snake, Gomoku and more... choose one & get. your. game. on!

A Lightweight Traveler

From laptop to wallet, to books to hiking and camping gear, this backpack offers different compartments to fit all your daily gears. Time to enjoy your journey!

True Quality, Durable & Waterproof Design

This backpack is also a premium city lightweight backpack! Our designers understand the daily needs in a busy city life, so we made the backpack with the durable and water-resistant materials. Check it out-

Setup steps:
1) Connect backpack with a 2.0A Powerbank
2) Download Divoom on iOS & Android device
3) Connect backpack


Material: Polyester Fiber, Cross-Linked Polyethylene, XPE, EVA
Color: Black
Dimension: 10.8 x 5.9 x 15.1 inches (275*150*385mm) (enough for a 13 inch laptop)
Support APP: Yes, app control
Communication: Bluetooth
Battery: No. powered by power bank!
Net Weight: 895g (1.9 Pounds)
Brand Name: Divoom
Capacity: 12/13 inch laptop



Q: Is this backpack waterproof?

A: Yes, Backpack is built with water-resistant material, and it will protect your gear in light rain conditions.

Q: How is it powered? Does it come with a Power Bank?

A: Power Bank is not included. We recommended using a Power Bank with 5V2A output. 

Q: How long does it last with a Power Bank?

A: Depends on your power bank: For example: with a 5000mAh Power Bank, it generally provides 5hrs+ display time. For a 10000mAh Power Bank, it generally provides 10hrs+ display time.

Q: What's the warranty term?

A: As always, you have Fun Tech Gifts iron-clad warranty! However, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty. If your item is broken within one year under normal usage, they will replace the defective unit with a new product (see inside packaging after it is delivered to you).


Pixel Art Backpack w/ Customizable Lighted LED Screen W/Phone App and Games
26399 41799

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