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ūüŹÜBEST EARBUDS 2020! Next Gen Tech: Futuristic Electronic Gadgets, HERE NOW!ūüŹÜ

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Just Released, The Next Gen Tech is HERE, and Fun Tech Gifts is proud to bring you the latest GROUNDBREAKING earbuds technology! AMAZING SOUND, AMAZING TECH!

Wireless 5.0 Earbuds in a class of their OWN!

What makes this Next Gen Tech so amazing? These earbuds sound AMAZING, ROBUST, and richly immersive!

ūüėäLet's start with¬†Binaural Direct Contact L and R earphone communication (as opposed to old¬†earphone forwarding);

ūüėä Master-Slave fast switching - not even offered in prior technology, and

ūüėäEarbuds that reconnect when the charging case is opened, not after the earbuds have been completely removed!

Want more? Ok, these fresh new earbuds have:

1.  Music 6hrs /Call 4hrs /Total battery life 24hrs! - Old tech only gets 4Hrs/3Hrs/16Hrs

2. The earphone battery is 55mAh - crushing old standards of 35mAh - 40mAh 

3. Charging case battery: 500mAh! Old tech batteries: 300mAh 410mAh

4. Uses the newer Type-C charger port connection


  • Product model: Earbuds X1
  • ¬†Color:¬† White
  • ¬†Net weight:¬† 47.1 g
  • ¬†Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • ¬†Battery life: Music playback 5 hours,up to 24 hours when used with the charging case
  • ¬†Bluetooth protocol: BLE/HFP/AVRCP
  • ¬†Encoders support: the SBC and AAC
  • ¬†Speaker impedance: 16 ohms
  • ¬†Earphone battery: 55 mAh
  • ¬†Charging case battery: 500 mAh
  • ¬†Implement standard: Q/JH 2-2020

Playing music:

(1) Press the R/L button for two consecutive times to pause.

(2) Press and hold the R button for 2 seconds to play the previous song.  

(3) Press and hold the L button for 2 seconds to play the next song. 

Play: The indicator is off.

Pause: The indicator blinks white once for every 5 seconds. (The volume is controlled on the phone.)


Call control:

Answering a call: Press R/L twice to answer the call.

             Hang-up: Press the button twice.

             Incoming call, outgoing call, the white indicator blinks twice for 5 seconds

              Cancel outgoing calls: Press the button twice and the white indicator blinks twice for every 5 seconds.

              To reject an incoming call, press and hold the button for 2 seconds and the white indicator blinks twice for 5 seconds (the volume is controlled on the phone).


Siri and voice assistant: When connected to your phone, you can press and hold the button three times to use Siri.

Next Gen Tech X1 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds w/ 24hr Playtime
9099 11699

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